Eine ausgebildete VoiceReleaseMasseurin zu finden ist nicht leicht. Für uns Sänger die in Berlin singen ist es jetzt ein Glück Luise Breyer-Aiton in der Nähe zu haben.Selbst ausgebildete Sängerin die uns Sänger verstehen und helfen kann!
Camilla Nylund, Soprano, Kammersängerin

Ich kenne Luise seit vielen Jahren , und gehe oft zu ihr. Sie ist sehr stark und versteht die Körper sehr gut und massiert auch mit viel Sensibilität. Auch weil sie selbst Sängerin ist, versteht sie Künstler und was wir brauchen. Sie hat eine besondere Technik, dass besonders für Sänger ist und kann Sie nur herzlich empfehlen.
John Fiore, Conductor
Thank you again for your „magic hands“. It always has been wonderful 

Rene Pape, Bass 

I have received massages from Luise and I am very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of the singer needs. Drawing from being a singer herself, Luise empathises so well into the problems and stress symptoms of a singer. I very much recommend Luise!

Barbara Bonney, Soprano 


I have known and worked with Luise Breyer-Aiton and her Voice-Release Massage technique since 2012 in Salzburg. Luise is very knowledgable about the physiology and use of the voice and body, and, as a singer herself, she understands what singers need to both train their voices/bodies and to maintain while on the road and in stressful situations. 
Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet, Soprano 


The development and maintenance of an operatic voice is demanding discipline to which Luise’s work can make an important and significant contribution. Her own increasingly active operatic career gives her an unusual insight into the singer client’s needs, both psychological and physical. I whole-heatedly recommend Luise to everyone who seeks to capitalise on their own natural vocal gift 
Richard Wiegold, Bass 


We brought VoiceRelease Massage first time in 2012 to Dorset Opera Festival, which we provide as an antidote to the rigorous of an intensive rehearsal and production period. VRM proved to be an enormous success with famous soloists and choristers alike - many of whom have found it beneficial to continue with the therapy, privately.
Roderick Kennedy, General & Artistic Director, Dorset Opera Festival 

 Meeting and working with Luise has been a wonderful experience. Your VoiceRelease massage has changed the way I sing. I feel my voice is floating on air. You truly have healing hands. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Anne-Marie Owens, Mezzo Soprano 

 Thank you so much for keeping me in singing form! I am so glad I found you! 

Katharine Goeldner, Mezzo Soprano 

Luise has truly magic hands! I never thought that I would let anyone near my larynx - but you work wonders. Like someone else said, I only wish that I could start every day with a VRM - or at least pack you in my suitcase every time I go off to sing ;-) Thank you!!

Julia Melinek Soprano

A bit like magic- every time!
There are no other words to describe what your treatment does for the voice, for body and soul!
Rosa Kristin Baldursdottir, Soprano


Thank you very much for your work and how kind you are!
Cecilia Ziano, Violinist  

 Wie wunderbar, wohltuend, entspannend...eine magische Reise durch den Körper. Frisch und energiegeladen auf in die neue Woche! - Mehr! - Immer wieder! 
Ein Muss fuer Jeden, der seinen Körper als Instrument betrachtet - wann ist noch gleich mein nächster Termin?! 
Cornelia Zink, Soprano 

Carolyn Dobbin, Mezzo Soprano
It‘s been such a pleasure getting to know and experience VRM. Wow- you have such strong hands, so talented and your make me feel great! You are a wonderful person and I hope we have many more „hands on“ times. 

Clare Shearer, Mezzo Soprano
It was a pleasure to hear your wonderful voice. As for the VRM. I have no words. Just admiration and appreciation for allowing my muscles to sigh and my core to cry. You are a beautiful women inside & out.

Peter Bronder, Tenor 
Thank you for your wonderful treatments! Quite an accoplishment to bring this old Tenor back to life!


Ludvig Lindström, Baritone
What a truly amazing and inspirational massage, feeling great and ready for a new week at the Proben at Berliner Staatsoper. Thank you!

Not only do you really know what you are doing, but you also have „ the gift“! My body and my voice felt as thought I had had a two week holiday, not 4 solid months of battering from Wagner! You have a convert and I very much hope to see you again
Lee Bisset, Soprano


Ruxandra Dunose, Mezzo Soprano
Wunderbar wohltuend!

Susanna Fairbairn, Soprano, Monteverdi Choir
thank you so much for coming to massage the Monteverdi Choir - everyone has benefitted from your expertise, making a difference tonight in the Nikolaikirche!

Frank Sufalko, Bass, Deutsche Oper Berlin 
If one only had the time and means for this massage everyday. Just marvelouse!