VoiceRelease Massage team and massage-therapists

Luise Breyer-Aiton

Germany-Switzerland based in Berlin and Lausanne.
I am a Dramatic Soprano, the founder of the VRM Method with my practises in Berlin and Lausanne.
I am trained Sports Masseur and Massage Therapist and a Body/Life coach for performers, artists, everyone who uses their voice.

Since 2016, I am the founder and General & Artistic Director Indemini Festival, which we have every summer at Lago Maggiore. 

Stelios Chatziktoris

Germany based in Berlin. 
Cypriot Tenor, choir conductor, 
body-mind worker and VRM Masseur since 2021 and has trained with me most recently in Berlin and Switzerland. He is also just finishing his Feldenkrais training, which he specialises in performers. 

Tom Birch

is an Australian Tenor based in Vienna, Austria,. Being a singer himself, he has a very good knowledge and understnading. He firstly trained as a sports masseur. In 2019, Tom came to me to specialize and  train in VRM with me in Berlin and Switzerland.

Kate Valentine 

Kate is based in the United Kingdom in Lewes.
She is a wonderful Soprano and VRM Masseur since 2018 and trained with me in Berlin and Switzerland. She has her own practise: 
The Valentine Voice Care: