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for singers and instrumentalists & performers of 

all professional voice users!

Welcome to VoiceRelease Massage!

Singers & performers are professional athletes in an increasingly competitive and physically demanding field. The potential performance capability of a singer is determined not only by their talent and training but also by the condition of their voice, body, and emotional state. 
It is my aim and goal to help you to be in tip top shape physically and mentally in your vocal wellbeing by assisting you on your path. Should it be along your path of becoming a singer or performer, during your studies, part of your daily life or right in your career by keeping you in just good shape or after an injury with rehabilitation, any illness (e.g. colds).  My practise provides a safe space where you will be listened to, heard, and helped along you journey, whichever part of that journey you find yourself to be with. I am here to help you in every way I can, guide you, listen to you, I am here for you and your needs!

Luise's voice release

lets you sing with ease