Indemini Festival  26. July - 04. August 2024

Indemini Festival, is an intensive training and masterclass-based program/ seminar for performing artists located in the breathtaking mountains above Lago Maggiore in the Veddasca Valley in Switzerland, at the border of northern Italy.

The focus of the course is on personal and professional development: Master Classes/ workshops/ seminars, Voice Lessons, Musical coaching, and the unique VoiceRelease Massage combine with concerts and performing opportunities in outstanding venues in the Valley and Lago Maggiore area.



Indemini Festival musicians come from all around the world. The masterclasses, lessons, coachings, and body work (VRM), VRM workshops, seminars , give students the opportunity to have close contact with internationally-renowned musicians on a daily basis and provide a safe haven to develop and grow in a beautiful place.

The concerts that take place during the weeks of the program help prepare the musicians for their future professional lives and enrich the cultural panorama of Valle Veddasca and the region of Ticino.

Indemini Festival started in 2016 and is an important touristic event for the region. For this reason, cantonal and city authorities support our work every year. We receive support, both volunteer work and financial contributions, from the tourist offices in the region and friends of the festival. Our faculty  all of whom have impeccable international reputations as pedagogues and musicians, join together for our full-immersion course in singing, opera, song, solo, & chamber music interpretation. The participants and the atmosphere of both serious study and playfulness, lead to startling artistic growth and demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of our efforts.


Indemini is an 8th century traditional Ticinese slate village, hanging over the valley. It has been a smuggler’s nest between Italy and Switzerland for centuries, and had a new influx of artists in the early 60’s. It is a magic place, unlike anywhere in the world. 

Indemini Festival 2024 will take place between 26 July - 4 August 2024.

Application are accepted from now on until the 30 March 2024.

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