About Luise


VoiceRelease Massage 

Being intriguingly interested in the link and interrelation of the voice and body, I put my experience in singing and massage therapy into developing a unique massage treatment for singers called the VoiceRelease Massage or VRM:

VRM is pure relaxation for your voice and body and it boosts your musical activities and daily life.

My interest in massaging keeps me researching and refining on how I can use massage most effectively to benefit you as a singer.

With VRM, I combine this interest with my professional experience and knowledge as a singer and musician.

…and Luise

I began a music education as a trumpeter before following my passion for classical singing as a soprano. I used and use massage to keep my own voice and body in balance, or to help me to recover quickly after a stressful schedule, cold or illness.

However, it is not easy to find a massage therapist who understands a singers need and who can safely massage our throat and larynx.

So, I trained as a massage therapist, and studied and broadened my knowledge in various techniques, i.e. the voice massage used in Scandinavia as well as the manual vocal therapy.

Luise has  undertaken intensive massage therapy training in Germany and Finland. This provided her with training in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation massage, voice massage and manual vocal therapy,  Deep Tissue,  Myo - Fascia Release and CTM as well as hypnosis.

Luise has studied Voice at Cardiff University and undertook further vocal training in London and Salzburg with Linda Esther Gray, Barbara Bonney and Anne Marie Owens and is now with Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet. Luise is the founder and General Artistic Director of Indemini Festival. 

As an active singer herself, Luise‘s interest in the combination of singing and massaging, let her to specialised in the field of voice massage and Luise continues to train and extend her knowledge. Luise's interest in massage for singers keeps her continually researching how to use massage to benefit the performances of a singer.

Most importantly whatever I do in life: I love being a singer and masseur for singers & try always to keep smiling & enjoy life.